Exhibition "Lübeck und die Welt" | May - June 2014

From May the 16th till June the 7th of 2014 my exhibition titled "Lübeck und die Welt" (Lübeck and the World) will be held in the gallery Frank Siebert | Grosse Burgstrasse 39 | Lübeck, Germany. The exhibition will showcase over thirty photographic works presenting the urban life of this world, including a series of photos from the hanseatic town of Lübeck.

Lübeck und die Welt Exhibition

During November and December 2013 my exhibition titled "Just Street" was held in the Schlüsselerlebnis in Hüxstraße 35 in Lübeck, Germany. The exhibition showcased over thirty black and white works presenting the urban life of this world in its many facets and expressions. Because nothing is more exciting and surprising than the life of our time, the art of today will be the future documentation of the peoples yesterday.

Just Street Exhibition

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